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Interactive Testing Evolved

Mac, PC, iPad? No problem. With KITE, educators and students can access their customized testing portal on whichever device suits their individual needs.

Educators can tailor their students’ curriculum and testing preferences easily and intuitively. Large-scale assessments are delivered as seamlessly as small formative assessments. KITE supports a variety of item types, including multiple choice, multiple select, drag and drop, graphing, constructed response, and selected response.

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Student-Centered Design

The KITE Test Delivery Engine provides students with a simple interface featuring intuitive navigation and graphics. Students access the KITE Test Delivery Engine through a customized and secured version of a leading open-source web browser, which prevents them from accessing unauthorized content or software while taking assessments. This system adapts to each student’s unique learning and testing process, using an accessible approach and a variety of helpful tools.

Every student deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her learning potential. KITE equips students with a Personal Needs & Preferences Profile, which educators can adjust to fit students’ individual needs.

  • Auditory calming
  • Read aloud using text-to-speech
  • Answer masking
  • Assistive technology devices

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Enhancing Learning through Technology

KITE’s Technology Enhanced Item Editor uses HTML5- and CSS3-based solutions, allowing for cross-platform compatible item creation. Items can include media that may be used either as part of the question or answer choices.

This responsive application provides easy-to-use templates for many commonly defined item types.


Teaching on Your Terms

With KITE’s Educator Portal, educators can administer assessments and monitor student learning progress in a centralized and easy-to-use system.

  • Customizable student profile data
  • Individualized personal needs and preferences
  • Student assessment enrollment options
  • Account and report management capabilities 
  • Educator professional development content

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Personalized Learning Maps

We are guided by the core belief that all students should have access to challenging, grade-level content. Learning is not a linear progression. We all take different paths to learn new skills and concepts. So why should we measure progress on a straight line?

With personalized Learning Maps, educators can map a student’s learning throughout the year. This way, testing happens as part of the instruction, which informs teachers and benefits students.


Building Better Testing

KITE’s item-banking solution, Content Builder, provides all the essential features for content development in educational assessments.

Content Builder supports cross-platform, technology-enhanced items and provides the ability to tag tasks and media for accessibility based on Accessible Portable Item Protocol (APIP) and Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) standards.

content framework, text specifications, media item and test construction, easy import and export items are all part of content builder

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